Pay Monthly Website


A Clever solution to generate more leads and enquiries.  Showing off your business with a slick single-page website you can be proud of – at an affordable price. 

For Example...

Why Now?

You need an effective website, backing up your existing social media efforts, without the large initail outlay… just a low monthly payment with no surprise bills.

We not only save you the large initial outlay, but our pricing model means you always have support with the online side of your business.

Whats included...

Everything you need to create a strong foundation for all the rest of your marketing activities.

Perfect for retailers, service providers, gyms, cafes, new startups etc


Photo Gallery

To really show off your business & set you apart from the competition!


Chat Button

WhatsApp or Facebook chat button for instant enquiries.


Clear Layout

Because your customers judge your business from the website in seconds.


Lightning Fast

Speed is a massive factor in where your website ranks.



Instil trust in your customers with up to 5 testimonials.


Social Integration

Engage through social with your customers to boost enquiries.


Enquiry Form

To gather those enquiries! Simple & secure and straight to your email.


Mobile Perfect

Because half to all of your visitors will be using their phone to find you.


Secure & Compliant

Security updates, SSL Certificate, Privacy notice and GDPR Compliant.


Hosting Included

Hosting included forever, for free. No extra annual fees.

Your website will be built with your customers in mind. 

We think about what your customer is looking for,  what they expect to see.  This boosts enquires and engagement.

How does it work?

We’ll take you simply through the whole process in a couple of phone calls. 

Starting with your aims, then thinking about how best to engage with your customers we’ll come up with a concept.

Once you’re happy we’re on the right track we’ll finish and polish it with your input to create the final product.

Once its launched you can get in touch anytime to change hours, or information to keep it up to date.

Clever Websites typically delivered in as little as 7 days.

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